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Nurse Next Door offers compassionate and professional caregivers in Springtown, TX. Our dedicated team isn’t just about providing care; we're here to light up lives with empathy, encouragement, and gentle, loving attention.

For all our beloved Springtown veterans, we’re happy to serve you as the only Veterans Affairs (VA) provider in the area. Not only can we provide comprehensive in-home care for our veterans and their spouses, but we can also help you navigate the complex web of necessary VA benefits paperwork. 

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Benefits of In-Home Caregivers

When your loved one chooses to age in place with in-home care instead of looking into nursing homes, professional assistance comes right to their door. Your senior won’t have to sacrifice familiarity and memories of home to receive support with daily tasks or a chronic condition. 

For seniors or veterans struggling with memory issues, aging at home provides a chance to maintain familiar and consistent surroundings. This type of stability can help ease anxiety and lessen environment-related confusion. 

With Nurse Next Door, you’ll benefit from customized care plans, one-on-one attention, and the freedom to maintain your lifestyle. It’s care that feels like home, because it is home!

Our Springtown Home Care Services

Designed with the Springtown community in mind, our comprehensive array of home care services caters to diverse needs with a joyful touch. From companionship to visiting nurses, we’re here to make life vibrant, comfortable, and truly fulfilling. 

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Companion Care

Companion care services are like a friendly neighbor stopping by for a chat, a game, or a shared hobby. Our Springtown caregivers are more than professionals; they become trusted friends who brighten your days with conversation, laughter, and genuine interest in your well-being. When your loved one needs emotional support, we’re here to help. 
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Personal Care

Our personal care services provide assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing, light housekeeping, or meal preparation. Our caregivers approach these personal care activities with understanding, dignity, and a smile, making everyday routines a pleasant and comfortable experience. We’re here for you like a family member would be.

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End-Of-Life Care

Nurse Next Door’s end-of-life care is a gentle, compassionate service focusing on comfort, serenity, and support during life’s most delicate stage. Our home care in Springtown provides emotional care and assistance to both the individual and their family. We walk this path together, hand in hand.

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia presents unique challenges. Our Alzheimer’s & dementia care is designed to meet these needs head-on. With trained caregivers skilled in treating degenerative memory conditions, we provide a supportive environment that emphasizes safety, mental engagement, and emotional reassurance.

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Respite Care

When the family caregiver needs a break, our respite care is here to step in and provide continuous care, companionship, and support while you recharge. Consider us part of your extended family, here to help with personal care assistance, daily living activities, medication reminders, or whatever else your loved one needs.

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24-Hour Care

For seniors or veterans who need more continuous support, our 24-hour home care is a great alternative to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Our Springtown caregivers will work in shifts to make sure your loved one always has a private caregiver on hand, day or night.
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Private Duty Nurses

Our private duty nurses in Springtown combine home health excellence with a friendly, compassionate approach. Skilled in various healthcare needs, our nurses provide personalized medical care in the comfort of your home, treating you not just as a patient but as a valued individual. It’s healthcare with a heart.

What People Say About Us

Why Springtown Chooses Nurse Next Door

Nurse Next Door is more than just a senior home care provider; we’re a partner in joy, wellness, and community spirit. Our unique approach makes us the top choice for in-home care in Springtown.

We Stand With The VA Community

Being a VA provider is a badge of honor for us at Nurse Next Door in Springtown, TX. We understand the specific needs and experiences veterans and their family caregivers may have, including the challenge of staying in good standing with all the required VA forms and bureaucratic guidelines.

To make it easier, we’ll come right to your home and assist you in completing all the necessary VA paperwork. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, allowing you to access the benefits you deserve without the hassle. It’s not just a service; it’s our way of saying thank you.

Our Happier Aging™ Philosophy

At Nurse Next Door, we believe that aging can be a joyful experience. Our Happier Aging™ Philosophy focuses on enriching the lives of seniors by reigniting passions, hobbies, and joys that might have been lost over time.

We don’t just provide home care services; we inspire a love for life, fostering a daily experience that’s vibrant, fulfilling, and simply happier.

Areas We Serve

We proudly provide care services to those in Weatherford, TX and beyond. Learn more about the other areas we serve in TX.

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